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About Us


What to Expect

 Become the player  and escape reality. Face your fears in ways you never thought imaginable. Come in and test your limits in our VR Lounge.  Our lounge allows you to come experience many different adventures or games, by yourself, or bring some friends and enjoy the excitement together.  Challenge yourself to top the leader board, join local and international tournaments, and experience the coolest new games and VR experiences out there. 


How It Works

We pride ourselves in using HTC's VIVE headset and gear, which allows for the absolute best VR experience. Our knowledgeable staff will show you the ropes - from putting on the gear, to navigating the games you choose to play. Then, when you are ready, you let your mind decide what is real or not...... 


Why Choose Us

At VR Lounge, we are always adding new experiences and games to keep your VR crave filled! Our prices are PER BOOTH rather than PER PLAYER. But what really sets us apart from other VR locations, is the personalized experience and touch you will receive from our friendly and knowledgeable staff.. We pride ourselves on creating that experience that you will always remember and want to keep coming back for more. We welcome your feedback and keep working to make each game better than the last. Drop us a line, and have a voice in what we build next.

Time & pricing

All event bookings are subject to a deposit. any bookings that require cancellation must do so within 48 hours of their elected time, or will forfeit deposit paid.

Membership pricing

all memberships must be signed at the lounge with a staff member.

Library of experiences

Loyalty Rewards

Every $50 spent = 5 Pts

Every 10 Pts = Free 30 Minute Gameplay! 

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VR Lounge

Stones River Mall, Murfreesboro TN 37129


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